Book Tag – Greek Mythology Book Tag

This is my first book tag and I’m super excited. I was tagged by the lovely Tina over at Tina the Bookworm. I love Greek mythology so, so much and this tag seemed super fun. I’m really excited to do it, so let’s get started.

TheNightCircusstation eleven


Favorite book (choose your own category!)

Okay, so this is sort of a weird one because I have two favorite books and neither of them are technically YA. Erin Morgenstern’s The Night Circus is my favorite fantasy novel, as of this moment, right now. It was probably my favorite fantasy novel the day I started reading it after I fell in love with the cover when I saw it at the bookstore during my junior year of high school. I kind of want to read the book again, but the dust jacket is missing and I feel really bad touching it. I do have it on my Kindle but The Night Circus is best enjoyed in print. Emily St. John Mandel’s Station Eleven is my favorite sci-fi/dystopian novel. I love my signed copy with all of my heart. I stayed up and read that book in a night. I definitely ignored my ex the whole time I was reading it and I probably should have been reading something school related but I absolutely adored Station Eleven and the twists and turns and the way the characters all wove together. I love multi-POV stories when they were done well and this one was done really well, you guys. I cannot recommend either of these books enough. I know I’m not supposed to have a favorite but I never re-read books and I would re-read these ones in a minute, so that’s saying something.

six of crows


Cutest book couple

So this one is probably going to have to go to Kaz & Inej from Leigh Bardugo’s Six of Crows. I don’t know why they’re the first couple that came to mind, but I’ve loved them since the moment Inej’s POV chapters reveal that she was in love with Kaz. I feel very strongly that the two of them are meant to be, so much so that when Nina was introduced and I thought there was going to be a love triangle between Inej, Kaz, and Nina, which would have ended the book for me, if I was being honest. I’m not the biggest fan of love triangles, especially when two characters are so clearly meant for each other . I loved the two of them so much and they are responsible for so many of my favorite moments in the book and a number of my favorite quotes. “I’ll have you without armor, Kaz Brekker, or I will not have you at all,” is absolutely one of my favorite quotes of all time and I can’t wait to see what happens with them in Crooked Kingdom.


Book that drowned you in feels

Okay, so this is sort of weird but The Little Prince is probably the most recent book that I can remember that making me cry. I was reading this for my Children’s and Young Adult Literature and I would not recommend you read this in your room by yourself. I broke down in tears while reading this book. I’d never read it before and while I know that it’s technically a children’s book, I don’t know if I’d recommend it for children. This was definitely one of the most beautiful books I’ve ever read and while the art looked a bit strange at first, it complemented the story really well. I couldn’t believe how this book touched me and hurt me but I absolutely loved it so much.


Series with the best world-building

So I’m not finished with this book and to be honest, I’ve barely started it, but Laini Taylor has a talent for world-building that I can’t deny. I know that part of it is sort of a realistic depiction of Prague and of the Czech Republic, but I’ve never been there and I only know vague pieces of information about it and Laini Taylor was able to make it come alive, along with her system of magic and the characters she creates as a sort of parallel to the already almost magical world she’s created by describing Prague in a way that can only be described as pseudo-magical. Or maybe quasi-magical. The fact that she was able to parallel the real magical elements of the fantasy world with the almost magical elements of Prague is absolutely fascinating and I can’t wait to get more into this book.


Favorite book with a dark/ominous plot

“Hopeful” is not a word that I would use to describe the plot of Jay Kristoff’s upcoming novel, Nevernight. I haven’t actually gotten a chance to read it so I’m simply going off of the synopsis but a book about an assassin in training after her father was murdered and her search for vengeance isn’t going to be sunshine and roses. The cover is absolutely haunting with the vacant masked face of the female character (Mia?) with the bloody dagger in her hands doesn’t suggest a pleasant story or plot. I know it’s going to be a trilogy but Jay Kristoff doesn’t really do happy endings and that in and of itself makes Nevernight simply ominous.

Yoon_9780553496680_jkt_all_r1.inddAPHRODITE (VENUS): GODDESS OF LOVE AND BEAUTY

Most beautiful cover on a 2016 release

Okay, so I haven’t ready Everything, Everything, but I might try to get on that because the movie is coming out soon (Amandla Stenberg!), so I’m kind of behind on Nicola Yoon books and that’s such a weird place to be. Her books sound interesting, especially the upcoming The Sun is Also a Star, which I think I found out about on a Book Riot article that talked about the process of getting the cover together. The end result is gorgeous and colorful with all of my favorite colors. The cover is definitely a bonus for such an amazing story and I’m definitely picking up this one as soon as it comes out.


Most violent book you’ve ever read

This probably isn’t the most violent book I’ve ever read but it’s one of the more violent books I’ve read in recent history. There’s definitely a good deal of blood (shooting people, stabbings, exploding, some graphic depictions of sex, etc.) so I would classify it as violent, but I’ve seen worse. I don’t typically read overly violent books. I was going to go with The Killing Joke but it didn’t seem to be a completely appropriate choice because I’ve only vaguely paged through it and because the violence depicted in the comics (well, insinuated, I guess) is violence against a woman that is sexual in nature and while I’m a huge Batman fan, it seems a bit unnecessary to the plot, whereas almost all of the violence in Saga is more of a good vs. evil, not for the sake of moving along a man’s plot type.


Scorching hot swoon worthy character

Okay, so I am a huge fan of comic books, specifically those that involve Batman, or at least, I used to be. DC is kind of boring me now, I much prefer Image, but the only answer that I could immediately think of was Jason Todd (AKA Robin II, AKA Red Hood). He’s gone through a number of character changes, as most comic book characters do, but Jason Todd in Under the Hood and the Under the Red Hood movie (voiced Jensen Ackles) is both incredibly attractive and amazing and also a sad little cupcake who just wants to be loved. In the newer comics, he’s more of a balanced character, which is cool but I kind of miss the more volatile gun-toting boy who just needs a hug.


 Favorite Kick-Ass Heroine

Catwoman is always my answer for a kick-ass female heroine and until Sarah J. Maas writes a novel that captures her fantastic, kick-ass self, I’m going to have to go with Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale’s portrayal of her in Catwoman: When In Rome. Getting to see her on her own without any kind of help from Batman makes me sad that so many of her stories are so heavily intwined with him. I mean, the two of them are my OTP, but I do think that seeing Catwoman on her own is glorious because as the Rudyard Kipling story says: ‘I am the Cat who walks by [herself], and all places are alike to me. I will not come.’ Cats are solitary creatures and Catwoman is all about herself, and almost always unapologetically so.


Sequel book that redeemed its series

Okay, so I sort of don’t have one for this because I’m kind of behind on my reading, especially of series. Can I use Crooked Kingdom, which will redeem the fact that Six of Crows’ ending destroyed me and didn’t even have the courtesy to apologize for it


Book with the best message

I know, I know that this is a weird choice, but fairy tales technically have morals. Most of them are “Listen to your parents,” “Don’t be the middle child, except if the story calls for it” and “Don’t talk to strangers, except if they might be an evil witch/handsome prince” but those are still messages that are very much applicable if you think about it. Plus I kind of read into things (I wrote a psych paper on the underlying themes in fairy tales once) so I can’t help but think that if you look a them in terms of interpretations, I would say that fairy tales have the best messages, especially if you look at them in terms of teaching both children and adults and making meaning of stories where animals talk 99% of the time and are humans in disguise 75% of the time.

a tree grows in brooklyn


Book with the most relatable story

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is one of the books that I read in school that meant something to me, as opposed to all of the other ones that I just kind of ignored. I am drawn into books that have characters whose lives seem to mirror mine. In fact, this book and Hercules were definitely instrumental in my getting into college at all. I felt an incredible connection Francie Nolan and her family for a number of reasons, but especially her struggles with poverty as she tries to balance school and helping to care for her siblings, as well as the way that every member of her family is flawed in their own way although they try their best to make it with the very little they have.


Favorite bookish setting

If you’ve read this book, I know what you’re thinking and yes, Pink Smog, as well as the other Weetzie Bat books and most of Francesca Lia Block’s other novels all take place in Los Angeles, but much like Laini Taylor created a beautiful magical version of the real city of Prague, Francesca Lia Block has used her amazing descriptive power to create an alternate Los Angeles that makes me wish that I could live there. She has such an appreciation for Los Angeles (as well as Santa Monica, Berkeley, etc.) that she has described it so vividly that it is both incredibly real to me and not, so my favorite bookish setting is Francesca Lia Block’s magical Los Angeles filled with fairies, witches, ghosts, vampires, fairy tale creatures, etc.


2016 release you are most anticipating

Okay, so I’m anticipating pretty much every YA book coming out in the next couple of months, so I can’t say that this is my “most” anticipated, but it’s definitely one of them. I cannot wait for Three Dark Crowns and while I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I will have to wait until the book actually comes out, it will be well worth it because the book about a competition between three sisters who want to be queen sounds absolutely amazing and the cover is simple, but it’s so beautiful. I can’t wait to see sisters using magic to win the crown and defeat each other. I don’t really know all that much about each of the three characters except that they each have different powers so I’m not rooting for one in particular, but I can’t wait to get my hands on this book. I loved Kendare Blake’s Antigoddess series and I’ve heard good things about this one so far.

I tag:

Taylor @ Stay on the Page

Hallee @ Book Addicts Blog

Zoey River @ Magiverse

Leah @ Bumblebee Books

Jacquie @ Rattle the Stars

…and you, if you’d like to do it!


2 thoughts on “Book Tag – Greek Mythology Book Tag

  1. zoeyriver says:

    You first book tag? Oh wow, welcome to the book tags club. I love doing book tags… they’re such a fun way to share your thoughts and books with others (:

    When I started Six of Crows not long after it came out, I couldn’t get into it. It was so… very slow-paced. I want to love those characters as much as everone else but I’m not sure whether I should pick it up again.

    Ah yes, Nevernight is definitely the most ominous sounding book I ever seen by far. If I didn’t know Jay Kristoff, maybe I wouldn’t be as nervous about it. Alas, I do know Jay Kristoff’s tendencies of evilness ‘^^
    I’m not sure that he doesn’t do happy endings is exactly the way to describe it. From what I understand, Jay Kristoff does believe good always wins at the end, ut not without sacrafice. So… yes, I’m extremly excited and also terrified of Nevernight. I already heard page 553 is going to be a killer.

    I haven’t read Everything Everything either. And I totally agree with you on the cover of The Sun Is Also A Star. Not only does this book sound so good, the cover is simply beautiful.

    I’m also very much anticipating Three Dark Crowns 😀
    I can’t say it’s my *most* anticipated, but it’s definitely anticipated.
    I read Anna Dressed in Blood by the same author and really enjoyed it. I have great hopes for this one (:

    I really enjoyed your take on this tag, Joyce, And seeing the books you picked up (:
    Thank you so-so much for tagging me! I’ll try to get on to it soon ^__^


  2. rattlethestarssite says:

    Yay! Thanks for the tag!! I haven’t see this particular tag going around much. I know what you mean…I’m basically anticipating every new book coming out soon. I want them ALL!! Three Dark Crowns is high up on my list. I haven’t read the author’s other books, but the cover/plot sounds super interesting.


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