Pokemon Go Book Tag~!

Pokemon Go Book Tag

All graphics were made by Aentee @ Read at Midnight

So, the Pokemon Go Book tag has been going around for the last few days and it seemed like a lot of fun to do so I wanted to do it even though I wasn’t really tagged by anyone. It was created by Aentee at Read at Midnight and I wanted to give it a go, especially after I did my TBR post for her #ReadThemAllThon.


Well, if you’re being literal, I guess I would have to say that the book that started my love for reading was Oh, the Places You’ll Go! by Dr. Seuss. It’s definitely the first book I remember reading by myself. There are a bunch of other books from my childhood that I remember reading when I first started reading, like Junie B. Jones and Cam Jansen, as well as A Series of Unfortunate Events (which was just a bit later). I give credit to Lauren DeStefano’s Wither for starting my love of YA novels, however.


I feel like classic is such a weird word because I don’t know if you mean classic, as in something I’d read for school or classic, as in something I’ll never get tired of. Same with iconic. For this one, I’ve decided to choose The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides. I think that I’d consider it fairly iconic and to me, it’s definitely a classic. It’s always weird explaining it to people because the title is off-putting but the book is haunting and I enjoy reading it, even if parts are a bit strange. A runner-up for this one is Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar, which is an incredible book that is without a doubt both iconic and a classic.


I am probably never going to read Maggie Stiefvater’s The Raven Cycle books. I say probably because I don’t want to limit myself, but I am very much not interested in this book for a number of reasons, but as this category implies, one of them is that it is everywhere. They haven’t made a movie of it yet but I always here about it everywhere and while everyone else seems to love it, I’ve heard some things about it that have made me less inclined to read it than say, This Savage Song, which, while it is everywhere, doesn’t have the same kind of problems that I’ve been hearing about with this series. Any book by John Green or Cassandra Clare was also in the running for this category, but I chose The Raven Cycle instead.


For this one, I’m gonna go with Sarah Cross’ Kill Me Softly. It’s a retelling of several fairy tales, but this one is mostly a Sleeping Beauty retelling, sort of. I love retellings, so I couldn’t resist this one. It’s kind of a more cheesy, modern day romance oriented YA story and the main character isn’t particularly likable. In fact, she makes every irritating decision possible and is incredibly selfish, but the town in the book was interesting, especially since every citizen has a fairy tale curse. I actually also really enjoyed the Twin Roses novella. I never finished the second book in the series because my attention span won’t allow it, but I did enjoy this book.


I haven’t started Sarah J. Maas’ Throne of Glass series for a number of reasons but size is definitely one of them. I just don’t know if I have the time to read 5 (soon-to-be-six) books right now. A friend of mine did recommend the series to me and I do trust her but I’m so hesitant to start a series with 5-400 page books right now, so I’m going to go with this. I also nominate Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments and its many sequels, prequels and spin-offs. I appreciate book series with defined endings.


I am interpreting this as a book that I stayed up all night reading and that award is going to go to Leigh Bardugo’s Six of Crows because I started it Thursday afternoon after I got back to my dorm from the bookstore before my mid-semester break started and definitely remember it all of a sudden being noon on Friday. I love this book, you guys. I love it so much.


I already used Inej and Kaz, so I guess I’ll say Matthias and Nina and Wylan and Jesper. I just love all the Six of Crows couples for reasons. Although, I actually like Wylan and Jesper better than Nina and Matthias and cannot wait until their relationship is explored because the vague hints within Six of Crows were the only thing that really disappointed me about the book. I understand that they didn’t have the same history as the other two couples, but give me something to hold onto, gosh.


Okay, all I can think of Six of Crows right now and I really don’t want to say that again because my last two were about Six of Crows. I guess I’ll go with Wicked + The Divine, which I love and own the trade paperback of. I would also include Saga. Both of those are Image Comics graphic novels and I love them and recommend them if you’re looking for something fast-paced and fun to read.


I really, really prefer for books to have defined endings so spin-offs drive me insane. I can’t really say that I have a book for this category, unfortunately. I mean, I guess Six of Crows is a spin-off of The Grisha trilogy but I haven’t read those yet, so I’m not going to count it here. I guess I do like retellings, which I’m going to sort of count, but that’s it.


Francesca Lia Block’s Psyche in a Dress was a book that I read for a school assignment where we had to read a book in verse. I had never done that before so I didn’t think it would be super fun or interesting, but it was. I absolutely loved Psyche in a Dress and will recommend it to anyone. It’s one of my favorite books now and I’m glad I discovered it.


Victoria (VE) Schwab’s Shades of Magic series is one that I’ve heard a lot about and I mean a whole lot, but I still want to read it. I mean, it’s been on my TBR for a long time and it’s been on my Kindle since, I don’t really know when, I just know that I have it. It sounds amazing and I hope I like it better than I like This Savage Song right now.


So, I really wish I owned any of Folio Society‘s lovely editions of books, especially of the fairy tale anthologies, but I would also take any of the Barnes and Noble collector’s editions which are beautiful but not super expensive. I would just need space to put them all.


I’m going to talk about Sometimes We Tell the Truth until I die because I am incredibly excited about that book and Kim Zarins is an absolute sweetheart. I have the ARC waiting for me at home so I can’t wait until I’m able to read it but that’s definitely one I’m excited for. I am also excited for Stephanie Garber’s Caraval, which it seems like the whole book blogging community can’t wait to get their hands on.


I don’t really have auto-buy authors, per se. I really look at the synopsis to see what books I’d be interested in. If I had to pick auto-buy authors, I guess I would say that a couple that I can think of are Leigh Bardugo, Laini Taylor, and Lauren DeStefano, but once again, it really depends on the particular book, so it’s not really an auto-buy type thing.


Strange the Dreamer? I’m never going to not be bitter about the delay on the book. Like, I totally get it but ugh, I wanted that book so bad and I’ve never been good at waiting, especially since I haven’t seen a sample or anything like that and the summary on Goodreads is impossibly vague, so I’m going to say Strange the Dreamer for this one.

I’m not going to tag anyone this time because most everyone I know has done this already, but if you’d like to do it, feel free to because it’s really fun! Thanks once again to Aentee at Read at Midnight for creating this.


12 thoughts on “Pokemon Go Book Tag~!

    • Joyce Linnet says:

      I’m so excited for and absolutely nervous about Crooked Kingdom. I’m so scared for how this could end because I think of each of them as my own little babies, especially Wylan who is a baby.


      • KliScruggs says:

        WYLAN! I feel for him man!! I’m nervous about CK too, I mean, how can she top this. I mean heist novels already get really messy, but this one didn’t so IDK what to expect! I did like this series better than the Grisha series though. You?


      • Joyce Linnet says:

        I really wish there were more good YA heist novels. I’ve never read the Grisha series. It’s on my list. I’ve heard a lot of people like SoC better, though, so I don’t really know whether it’s even worth reading.


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