Getting to Know Me Book Tag

Getting to know TAG.pngI’m so excited to do this one! I remember taking surveys like this on Facebook and Myspace that were really fun. I haven’t done these in so long. I love finding out more about people, though, so I can’t wait to do this.

Vital Stats

Name: Joyce
Nicknames: None? My siblings used to call me Joycey when they were younger but they’ve all grown out of it, although my grandma still does sometimes. My dad has lots of nicknames for me but I feel like those are only for him to use.
Birthday: July 8th. I just turned 21 and it feels no different from being 20.
Star Sign: I am a Cancerian. I hate saying that I’m a Cancer because that’s such an awful sentence to have to say. I don’t really like my sign all that much but I’ve begrudgingly accepted it (also, I don’t buy into the whole 13 signs thing, so don’t even try to tell me I’m a Gemini).
Occupation: Full-time student, part-time worker at the circulation desk in the library. I graduate next year, though, so if you know anyone who’s hiring…


Hair Color: I like to say black and that’s what my ID says, but technically it’s more dark brown than it is jet black. The sun does change the color a little bit but I avoid the sun as much as I can by only being outside when absolutely necessary.
Hair Length: So, I just cut it plus I wear it curly so it seems sort of short but it’s really at one of those in-between lengths where hair gets to when it’s not long enough to do anything with but it’s not really short. Basically, I either can grow it out or cut it shorter and both of those sound better than keeping it where it is now.
Eye Color: Dark brown. Not dark brown with anything else. My eyes are basic dark brown. You could say they were chocolate brown but then I’d never talk to you again because that’s such a terrible and boring way to describe eye color.
Best Feature: Umm, I’ve been told that I have very pretty eyes. I just feel like they’re expressive, but I guess I do like them, so that’s what I’ll go with.
Braces: Never had them, apparently I didn’t need them, which is good. I really wanted them in middle school when everyone else had them, but I’m glad I never needed them.
Piercings: I have two piercings on each ear and I would like to have more. I have a nose piercing (just a cute lil stud) and a belly button piercing that I really like, even though no one else really knows that I have it.
Tattoos: UGH, NO…and it’s not even that I don’t want one. I have a ton of ideas and I can’t wait to get one but I just haven’t yet because every single time that I’m supposed to something comes up. One day, I will get one because I do want them. My younger sister has two and I don’t even have one.
Right or Left Handed?: I am predominately right handed. I do pretty much everything with my right hand, as is the way of the world. I wish I could use both but my left hand remains tragically underused for things that are important.


Best Friend: My first real best friend is Denise. We’ve been friends since fourth grade, which is so weird because I never really thought that I’d ever have a friend that stayed in my life for that long.
Award: I won a lot of school related awards. I won Student of the Month, attendance awards, citizenship, language arts and spelling bees, but the one that is the most important award to me was the one I won in first grade for the story I wrote about “rainbow, sparkle ponies.” I kid you not, that was my subject matter for most of kindergarten and first grade. My teacher tried to tell me that “rainbow” and “sparkle” were not adjectives but I refused to believe her.
Sport: Eww, I’ve always hated sports mostly because I have no balance or coordination. I guess my first sport was when I played AYSO Soccer, which was the worst.
Real Holiday: Okay, so I was confused by what this meant but I think you mean vacation. I’ve never really gone on a real vacation, actually. I’d like to go one day, but I don’t know when or where yet. Maybe I can do something cool for Spring Break since this is my last year in college?
Concert: My first concert was an All Time Low concert with a friend from school and her cousin. I was really, really into All Time Low (I’m not as into them anymore. In fact, I’ve barely listened to anything they’ve released since I was in high school). We the Kings was one of the opening acts and they weren’t too bad. It was a fun concert, especially since I’d never really been to one before.


Film: Okay, I know this might be weird but I’m not entirely sure I have a favorite movie. I guess, off the top of my head, I’d have to go with Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Kill Bill, Kiki’s Delivery Service, and/or The Nightmare Before Christmas. Big Hero 6 was also a movie I really enjoyed but I don’t really know that I have
TV Show: Right now, the only TV show I really watch is Preacher on AMC and I really only watch that for Tulip and Cassidy. I guess I also like The IT Crowd which I like to watch when I’m sad or need something funny. Oh, and I guess I watch a lot of Forensic Files and Criminal Minds reruns.
Color: My favorite color is purple. Pretty much every shade of purple. There’s nothing else to add to this. Just give me purple things.
Song: Right now, I can’t stop playing “Gold” by Kiiara. I have a lot of artists I like but favorite songs are kind of difficult.

Restaurant: I don’t really have a favorite restaurant. It really depends on my cravings at any given point in time. I guess I like Olive Garden if I’m craving cheap Italian food and warm breadsticks. There’s a restaurant by my school called Food 101 that is pretty expensive but also really good. The food there is the only food (that I didn’t make) that I took a picture of. There’s a place that I like to go to when I’m home called The Lazy Dog Cafe that’s really good too. It’s a casual place with good food that allows dogs and one day, I might take mine there, but he’s not really ready for all those people unfortunately.

Shop: Umm… Barnes & Noble. I literally hate clothes shopping. I guess either Nordstrom or the Lucky Brand outlet. I don’t really go to either very often. Like I said, clothes shopping is something I hate doing more than anything.

Books: No. Don’t do this to me. I guess my all-time favorite books that have lasted the test of time are The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel, The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides, and Sputnik Sweetheart by Haruki Murakami. Six of Crows is my current favorite YA novel. Lauren DeStefano’s Wither was one of my favorite YA books, but for a lot of reasons, it no longer is.

Shoes: My favorite shoes are my Doc Martens. I am really bad at breaking in shoes so it took awhile to get them to a point where they feel comfortable, especially since I have feet that seem to hate shoes. I like my Converse, as well, though, and sandals. I like to be barefoot in my own house or my own room, but if I have to wear shoes, it’s anything comfortable. I don’t really wear slippers, though. I don’t really like them.


Feeling: Bored. I was just sleeping, but now I am awake, trying to figure out something to do. I’m also really hungry because I didn’t really get a chance to eat anything today and like most days when I forget to eat, it doesn’t really hit me until now when I can do nothing about it.
Single or Taken?: Single and I’m honestly not sure how I feel about it. I wish I was the type of person that could be single and confident but I’m not at this point in my life.
Eating: Ugh, nothing. Don’t remind me.
Watching: Watching videos because my life is pop culture dissections and cute nerdy guys/girls dissecting pop culture. I’ll probably move on to Forensic Files in a bit.
Wearing: Yoga pants and a t-shirt because my general way of dress is bored teenager.


Children: Yeah, I don’t want them. I don’t really like children. I can deal with them if I have to but I don’t want any of my own at any point.
Marriage: Maybe? I don’t really know. A part of me would love to but I’m so cynical and jaded about the world and love that I’m kind of like, “Nah, I doubt it.” And even if I did find that person, why do we have to get married? I’m just kind of hesitant to say something is going to last for the rest of my life just because we promised in front of a bunch of people.
Careers: It has to be something that has to do with books. I want to continue blogging, but I’d also like to work in publishing, doing pretty much anything. I’ve also thought about being a librarian or a professor. I don’t really know though and it’s making me feel very nervous about the future. I feel like so many people I go to school with already know, but I have no clue.
Where You Want to Live: I’d like to live in a city, particularly one with good public transportation and lots of stuff to do, especially bookish stuff. I live in the middle of nowhere right now and I go to school in the middle of nowhere so I’d like to live somewhere where there are people. I’d like to travel first before deciding where to go, though, because I don’t want to settle down anywhere and hate it.

Do You Believe In…?

God: I mean, not really, for a lot of reasons that are personal to me. I’m not trying to start any kind of arguments, but I just personally do not believe in God. But I feel like I’m more agnostic than atheist at this point in my life.
Miracles: Sometimes. I don’t believe miracles are necessarily made by any higher power because it’s such a widely used word at this point, so I do believe in things happening that are miraculous.
Love at First Sight: I think that you could find someone that you’re interested in but I believe that love is something that has to be nurtured. I don’t really believe that it just happens.
Ghosts: For the most part, no. Weird things happen, but most “ghostly” phenomena have scientific explanations.
Aliens: I really hope that there are things living on all of the other planets. The universe is huge and it’s kind of weird to believe that we’re all there is.
Soulmates: Nope. I think that that’s a weird thing to believe in because it means that for most people in the world there’s no way you’d ever meet your soulmate because they either live far away, are dead or haven’t been born yet. That’s a sad thing to think about. Plus, there’s no guarantee that your soulmate is going to fit all of your standards. I believe when I find the person I’m going to be with for the rest of my life, there’s a lot more to it than just being soulmates.
Heaven/Hell: Not really. I think death is it for people. I know that that’s kind of depressing, but…
Kissing on the First Date: If we both want to, sure. I mean, it’s just kissing. I can’t really see why that would be a problem. To say that kissing on the first date is wrong is such an old fashioned thing. Like, it might not be everyone’s thing for whatever reason, but if both parties are interested, then that’s fine.
Yourself: At this moment, more often than not, I don’t.
I tag every one who wants to do this because getting to know people is fun and I love this tag.

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