Girl Fighting Evil – Joyce Linnet



When I used to go on tumblr, before I left and never went back, I found this profile by Wormwood and Honey on tumblr (I think? If not, please, please, please let me know). This isn’t really a book tag or anything, I just wanted to do it because it seemed like fun but back then I wasn’t sure how to fill it out and what to say at that time. I don’t really go on tumblr, like I said, but I did still want to fill this out (it’s been sitting on my computer for, like, four years) and if you’d like to fill it out, I’d love to see what kind of girl fighting evil you are. I also may or may not use this when drafting my girl squad for the novel I’m working on because I’m all about girl squads.

But now I’m adapting as a book tag because I feel like that’d be fun. If you do it, be sure to credit Wormwood and Honey, as this is her idea and she was kind enough to allow me to do it.

name and age and job/major/whatever, please!

My name is Joyce Linnet. Well, those are two of my names and they’re the names I’m going to give. You can call me Joyce. Only Joyce, never anything else. It’s one syllable. It’s not particularly hard, plus I’m not a fan of the nicknames anyone else has tried to give me so Joyce is just fine, thanks. I’m 21 years old (although I haven’t even been 21 for a month yet, as I’m writing this, of course) and I’m a senior (well, I will be when the semester starts in a month-ish) in college and an English and Psychology double major. I work in the school library and I love it there. I almost wish I could do it forever. Otherwise, I’m just a student trying to get out of school and do God-knows-what with her life.

in a demon-hunting world, what role would you play?

I first heard the story of Scheherazade (Shahrazad) in my 7th grade social studies class. It was the first time I had ever heard it and I really wish that I had heard it sooner. There definitely should be a European equivalent (considering how many of the Grimm’s stories were given to them by women they knew and spoke to who had preserved the folktales of their culture). Is storyteller a role that you can have in a demon-hunting world? I supposed it wouldn’t be too conducive to fighting. In a demon-hunting world, I would be reluctant to fight. I don’t fight with my fists. I fight with words. With spells. With trickery. I use cunning and skill…or at least, I wish I could. Cunning has never really been my thing and I can’t lie convincingly to save my life, but I can rise to the occasion and fight those I love. But then when I lose my reluctance, I would fight with fury, losing myself to the feeling of having no control, of being able to dish out what I have to take ten-fold. I would be a destroyer of the things that try to destroy me. I would fight with words and I would fight until I could fight no longer.

weapon(s) of choice?

Words. Venomous words, honeyed words. Stories, spells, songs, all powerful enough to destroy empires and conquer worlds. Magic, swords, guns, daggers, legendary weapons, and unbridled fury and rage.

best song to fight to?

“Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes (or the Zella Day cover also works). “No Church in the Wild” by JAY Z and Kanye West. “Freedom” by Beyoncé and Kendrick Lamar.

what kind of demon would you be most excited to fight?

To be honest, I’d be most excited to fight my own demons. Does that count? I want to fight demons from stories, from legends. I want to destroy them all but most of all, I’d like to fight personifications of the demons that plague me. I’d want to fight tricksters who get in my head. I want to vanquish demons that are otherwise unconquerable.

what fictional girl fighting evil would you like to have at your side?

Definitely Inej Ghafa or Nina Zenik. I don’t think I could lose with either of them on my side. Catwoman or Alana and Gwendolyn from Saga. I’m sure there are more. I could build an army.

what kind of outfit would you feel most powerful in?

Military inspired fashion, leather; something practical. Something that made people fear me. Something with grey, purple, black, or gold. Combat boots. I wish I could pull off cat suits, but I think I’d be more into capes and hoods. I’d want to be a warrior, but I also want to be a princess. Give me crowns, tiaras, jewels. Give me studs and corsets and lace. I would want to wear masks, veils, things to hide my face.

do you think you could ever help evil instead of fight it?

I think that I could do whatever I pleased. If it suited me to help evil instead of saving it, then I might be able to do it. If the forces of good opposed me, then I would be more than willing to fight them.

is there a real world girl fighting evil that you particularly admire?

Right now, the women on my mind conquering the evils of prejudice, are Simone Biles and Gabby Douglas, along with Simone Manuel. Watching them in the Olympics is so wonderful and inspiring for a black girl like me. I hope that my little cousins can grow up and see that as well. Nothing is more inspiring than women breaking barriers. There are, of course, tons more but because the Olympics have been on, this is one of the first that comes to mind.

is there anything you do (or plan to do) in real life to fight evil? 

I want to write. I dream of being a writer. If anything I write means anything to anyone, then I will have done more than enough to fight evil. I would also like to work in publishing somehow. This doesn’t sound like much, but as a bisexual woman of color who struggles with mental health issues, I find representation to be very important. I want to be a part of the system that seems bent on not telling our stories. More than anything I’d like to be able to help the world with my words. That is what I have to offer. If that is presumptuous, then I’m sorry, but it seems worth it to try.

who would you like to tag?

I’d like to tag no one in particular. If you’d like to do this tag, please do. I hope you enjoy it. Be sure to leave me a link in the comments below!


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