Meet Krystianna | Blogger Interviews

Hello everyone! I don’t typically do blogger interviews, although they do sound fun. Krystianna over at Downright Dystopian does, however, and she was kind enough to feature me for this week’s interview, which can be found here.

Here are her answers to her own blogger interview questions!

1. What’s your favorite book and why? What song would you use to capture the essence of your favorite book?

My favorite book is Ready Player One by Ernest Cline because it has so many geeky references to the eighties. Even though I wasn’t alive in the eighties, I love everything that has to do with the eighties! I think I’d use Radioactive by Imagine Dragons to capture the essence.

2. What is your dream career?

My dream career is to work in a publishing house. I’ve always been a huge reader and I’d love to work with books! I think I’d like to do either PR/Marketing or Editing.

3. Where do you want to travel to?

I honestly want to travel everywhere! However, at the top of my list is Costa Rica, England, Ireland, Italy, France, Australia, and New Zealand.

4. If you could have your own friend squad made up of book characters, which characters would you choose to be part of the squad?

Hermione from the Harry Potter series, Four from the Divergent series, and Katniss and Finnick from the Hunger Games series.

5. What’s your favorite TV show? Movie?

My favorite TV show is How I Met Your Mother and my favorite movie is the most recent The Great Gatsby.

6. You finally got your invite to Hogwarts! Which house do you get sorted into and who do you befriend?

I get sorted into Slytherin (according to Pottermore). I’d probably befriend Luna and Hermione. Hopefully they’d be okay with having a Slytherin friend! I’d probably also try to be friends with Draco just because he’s friends with a lot of the bad guys. I’d like to be on their good side.

7. What song do you wish could be turned into a novel?

The Lucky One by Taylor Swift.

8. Which TV series or movie do you wish could be continued through a book series?

The Hunger Games! I just want more from this crazy, sadistic world.

9. What book do you wish had a sequel?

Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. I know it has a companion sort of sequel, but it doesn’t follow the same characters. :/

10. Why do you love books?

I love books because they allow me to travel to places without even leaving my room. They also allow me to become more of an intelligent being in my opinion because I learn so much about different kinds of people.
Be sure to pay Krystianna a visit over at Downright Dystopian and be sure to read her other blogger interviews!

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