Welcome to Completely Booked, a blog full of bookish wonders and literary love.

The Blog

Welcome to Completely Booked, a place where I hope to be able to share all of my literary loves and bookish obsessions with you. Completely Booked was born out of my desire to read books and tell people about how much I loved (or didn’t really love) them. Unfortunately, not everyone around me is as excited to talk about nothing but books as I am. This blog was something that is the work of at least a year or two of debating with myself about whether or not I had anything to say that anyone would actually want to read. It is a place for reviews, book news and other things like that, plus my musings, which will all be, in some way, book related. Though I mainly read young adult (or YA) literature, there may be some new adult or even just general fiction that I review here and would like to share with you. I also am an avid reader of comics and graphic novels, so reviews for those will also probably show up here. I know that there are a great deal of book review blogs out there (and I know this because I love them so much) and with such a great variety of people and perspectives, I find it wouldn’t be strange if I joined in to the conversation as well. Hopefully, you enjoy reading this as much as I’m sure I will enjoy writing here for you.

The Blogger

My name is Joyce, a humble book blogger and writer here at Completely Booked. I am a voracious reader who really wishes she could come up with a different word to describe her reading habits (every reader is voracious, apparently). Books are my life blood. I eat, sleep and read books as much as I can, which is easy since I’m an English major, but I can quite honestly say that books have saved my life and helped me out of a number of problems in my life. I’ve been reading for as long as anyone can remember. I just picked up a book and never stopped reading. Ignoring everyday responsibilities to curl up and read is a very common predicament I find myself in, along with spending most of my paycheck on books and filling any space in my dorm room at school and my bedroom at home with them. I have also always been a writer and what I don’t spend on books, I spend on stationery, like notebooks (Clairefontaine are my favorites), fountain pens and ink and on tea. I consider myself a tea connoisseur. Adagio Fandom teas are some of my favorites, but other tea is just as great. Except Lipton. I write during lectures in class, which isn’t super helpful to learning, except in the case of a few exceptions (my creative writing class, for instance). I am the type to fall easily into books and find myself unable to think about anything else days later, but I also read multiple books at a time, which is why I ended up walking through the Minnesota airport with at least 15 pounds of books in both of my carry-ons. I love books that I wish I had written and that I feel make my life better by just existing, but that’s almost every book for me.

I am not the type to just give up on a book, no matter how much it hurts to keep going, unless it’s something I have to read for a class. Sorry about that, Bleak House.

When I am not spending my time engrossed in the worlds of the books I read, I split my time between attending my small, all women’s liberal arts school in New England and at home in Southern California. I have no idea what I want to do with my life yet except that I’ve always wanted to write, novels, mostly, but I’ve also become more interested in writing stories for comics and video games, as well. I work in the library at my school and libraries have always been an important part of my life, so I sometimes think of taking my majors in English and Psychology and getting a Masters in MLIS to become a librarian. I am incredibly passionate about stories and the way they change people’s lives and how they affect us. Outside of reading and writing, I love food (and am now addicted to those videos of people making food that are almost always on Facebook), comic books, video games and any and all animals, including my puppy, Coffee. I want a cat, but that might have to wait until a little bit later, unfortunately. Beyoncé is my patronus and I aspire to slay just like her.

Some of my favorite authors are F. Scott Fitzgerald, Janet Fitch, Erin Morgenstern, Jeffrey Eugenides, Emily St. John Mandel, Helen Oyeyemi, Francesca Lia Block, and Haruki Murakami. As far as YA authors go, there will always be a special place in my heart for Anna Godberson and Lauren DeStefano whose books got me into the genre and Leigh Bardugo, who I had a chance to meet at a signing once but completely didn’t because I hadn’t read her books at the time. As far as YA authors go, since I can’t just write all of them, I will say that Danielle Paige, Laini Taylor, Marissa Meyer and Leigh Bardugo are some of my favorites, but that’s kind of a short list. I’m partial to science fiction and fantasy, but I will definitely also read contemporary fiction, as well. Love triangles are fine, but not my favorite, along with Manic Pixie Dream Girls and any book where any mental illness is “cured” because the main character falls in love with a guy. I absolutely love and adore books that are retellings of fairy tales or mythology or any alternate histories.

Finally, I would like to thank Professor Susannah Richards for helping me to discover how amazing and diverse the stories in YA literature are.