Review Policy

General Information

I aim to make sure that all reviews (and mini-reviews) posted here on Completely Booked are as honest and positive as possible but all opinions shared here are my own and should only be presented as such. Every book I write about here was either purchased by me, received as a gift, borrowed from a library or from a friend, won from a giveaway or received from a publisher/author in exchange for an honest review.

I will accept books in the following formats: print ARCs (my preferred format), electronic ARCs (Digital Review Copies), and finished copies. I will not accept audiobooks, interactive media books, or books from self-published authors at this time. I welcome books from independent publishers. If your book is part of a series and I have not read it, I may require the previous books in the series.


While I am an avid reader of almost anything and everything, for the sake of simplicity, my preferred reading genres are:

  • Young adult/some new adult
  • Dystopian
  • Fantasy
  • Science Fiction
  • Historical Fiction (especially alt. history)
  • Retellings
  • Mystery/Thriller/Suspense
  • Contemporary
  • Action/Adventure

I may consider other genres on a case by case basis.

Accepting Books

If I accept a book for review, I will do my very best to review it, but sometimes things come up.

If I do not finish the book, I may or may not decide to put up a review regarding as to why. More likely than not, though, I will put a review up. If you need it at a certain time, please be sure to specify that in your request. I am a student, so my schedule gets kind of booked when I am in school, so I would like at least two months notice if you’d like a review up before the release date of a book.

Note: I am trying to maintain a schedule on this blog, so if you contact me too late, I may be unable to get a review up for you by the requested time.


I will attempt to write a review for every book I read. I may post the reviews on Goodreads and Amazon, possibly with some slight modifications. My reviews are my own feelings, thoughts and opinions and therefore will be written in a more relaxed, conversational manner that reflects that. Some may be longer and more detailed than others, but I will try my best to be thorough.

I like to keep my reviews my own and therefore, I will try to stay honest. Whether or not I liked or finished a book will be in my review along with explanations as to why I felt the way I did about the book.

My reviews will all include the following information:

  • Cover Art
  • General Statistics/Information: Title (Series and number in series), Author, Publisher, Page Count, Release Date
  • My Review – What I did and didn’t like
  • Recommended For – Who I think will enjoy this book
  • Star Rating

Star Ratings

5 Stars = I loved, loved, loved this book and want to tell everyone I know about it. I want to own a copy.

4 Stars = I enjoyed this book. It wasn’t perfect, but I would definitely recommend it to others. Still, I would definitely own it.

3 Stars = It was an average book with some flaws that negatively impacted my enjoyment and didn’t really jump of the page. Overall, it was still enjoyable, however, and has potential. If it is a book in a series, I would continue on with the series.

2 Stars = Too many flaws for me to properly enjoy. I probably wouldn’t recommend it to anyone I know, but some parts were still enjoyable.

1 Star = I didn’t like this book at all for some reason. There were too many things that negatively impacted my enjoyment. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone.

do sometimes do half ratings for my reviews on a case by case basis. My reviews are meant to be based on the individual books, even in the case of a series and all genres are rated differently. I also do not mean for my ratings to be objective and all of them are based on my personal enjoyment.

Please make sure to COMPLETELY read through my review policy before contacting me. If you do not take the time to read my review policy, I will not take the time to read your request or your book.

If you wish to contact me for a review, please send me an e-mail at joyce[at]completelybooked[dot]net.